Double ElectroStatic Ion Ring ExpEriment

DESIREE is a double electrostatic storage ring designed for experiments with merged beams of positive and negative ions, such as studies of mutual neutralization between two singly charged ions. It can also be used for single-beam experiments like measurements of atomic lifetimes or investigations of the physical properties of biomolecules.

DESIREE consists of two rings, each with a circumference of approximately 9.3 m, with one common straight section where the beams of the two rings are merged. The rings will be housed in a single vacuum chamber/cryostat with double walls. With the use of cryogenerators, the rings can be cooled to a temperature of 5-8 K.

The project was funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish Research Council. The present planning aims at having the interior assembly completed and the vacuum chamber closed and pumped to vacuum at the end of 2011. The commissioning of DESIREE will then start in the beginning of 2012.

Documentation about DESIREE can be found in the Design Report and in our contributions to EPAC04 and EPAC06.

Views of the interior of DESIREE with some beam optic components mounted. Click on photos for larger versions.