Newsletter from the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory

During the years 1991 - 2005 first MSI and then MSL published a monthly newsletter, the Månadsbladet, with the pupose to inform staff, visitors, users and all other interested about MSI/MSL and its activities. The creator of Månadsbladet was Olle Anderby, who continued as editor until his retirement in 2002. He was succeeded in that role by Elisabet Oppenheimer, and when she left MSL in the beginning of 2004 the task was taken over by Kjell Ehrnstén.

As the status of MSL had changed from a national research facility to a research centre at Stockholm University, now mainly working with users from within the university, it seemed less motivated to produce and distribute a regular newsletter. The last monthly issue was produced in September 2005. One issue was published in 2006, under the name MSL-bladet. There are currently no plans to continue the publishing.

All issues of Månadsbladet / MSL-bladet from January 1998 to the last are found here.

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