LSR Low-energy Storage Ring Technical Design Report

The CRYRING synchrotron and storage ring at MSL has recently been taken out of operation. It has been used during almost two decades for experiments mainly in atomic and molecular physics. CRYRING will however find a new use as LSR, the Low-energy Storage Ring, a part of the FLAIR facility which is a part of the FAIR project at Darmstadt, Germany. CRYRING is being modified to fit in its new role as an antiproton and ion decelerator, and it will then be disassembled and put in boxes for transport to FAIR.

The report gives an overview of the basic CRYRING hardware that has been built up since the start of the project, and describes in more detail the modifications that have been and will have to be made to adapt the ring to its new use at FLAIR. It also gives a short introduction to operational aspects, and serves as a guide to further documentation.

This design report, version 1.3, was submitted to FAIR the 12 May 2011.
(PDF file, 10 MB)

Publications and Dissertations from the CRYRING Facility 19922010

This report lists all publications in refereed journals based on experimental results from CRYRING plus directly related theory papers. The list also contains a few invited contributions to books and annual reviews, but not un-refereed conference papers. It spans the time from 1992, the year when the experiments at the ring started, until June 2010. All 43 doctoral and 39 licenciate dissertations from the same period of time as the papers which to a significant fraction are based on CRYRING data are listed at the end.
In a sense this publication list constitutes a complete but brief summary of the physics performed at CRYRING.
(PDF file, 1.7 MB)

Annual reports 1996 - 2001

In the years 1996 - 2001, when the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory had the status of a national research facility, annual reports were published. In its later roles, from 2004 as a centre under the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Stockholm University and from 2011 as a part of the physics department of the university, the laboratory no longer produces annual reports. The published annual reports are available here.